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Step 1

What do you need?


Determine if a predefined target shows sufficient interest to make your project profitable.


Evaluate customer satisfaction based on customer feedback and experiences.


Identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors on specific criteria.


Determine the perfect location for your future establishment according to its potential.


Find out if your company is known to a target audience and its associations of ideas.


Analyze the viability of a project from an economic and organizational point of view.


Discover the best way to differentiate a company's offering from its competitors.


Evaluate the attractiveness of a sector through the analysis of different parameters of evolution.

UX Audit

Analyze the experience of users during their visit to your website or network.

Mystery shopping

Take advantage of our consultants to test the attitudes and reactions of your staff.

Perception of the offer

Determine the strengths, weaknesses and perceived feelings of a target audience towards a product.

Price perception

Measure a target's opinion on the price of your offers in relation to its perceived value.

Product launch

Determine the positioning, strengths and potential for success of your new product.

Impact of communication

Evaluate the impact, effectiveness and ROI of your communication campaigns and actions.

Profile of your customers

Determine your personas by identifying their desires, expectations and behaviors.

Step 2

What are our tools?

Individual interviews

Face-to-face interviews allow for the collection of particularly rich and in-depth information.

Street interviews

Interviews in public places are particularly effective for gathering information representative of a specific target.

Documentary research

Documentary research focuses on the search for and analysis of published materials from a variety of sources.

Focus group

The discussion groups aim to bring together different profiles in order to address different themes in an unstructured way.

Interviews with experts

Our consultants gather information by interviewing known and recognized experts in a specific field.

Do you have a question?

The business vouchers are a subsidy granted by the Walloon Region to project carriers/entrepreneurs, start-ups or SMEs that are looking to expand, relocate, create a new project, or simply launch themselves... In short, any project that might require a market study beforehand!

HEC Consulting is certified for 2 types of company vouchers:

The price and duration of the studies depend on many criteria but also on the type of study carried out.

Qualitative studies aim to understand in depth the feelings of respondents, what they think in detail. It is also an opportunity to explore new avenues.

The quantitative approach aims to identify major trends in the population. This type of study makes it possible to be statistically representative of a target population, with a margin of error to be determined according to needs.

HEC Consulting is a company made up entirely of master's students. This particularity brings us a flexibility envied by our competitors.

We arrange our time as we see fit to provide maximum value to our clients.

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