Who are we?

HEC Consulting, your partner for your market research! A team of 18 independent HEC master's students who are passionate about finding innovative solutions.

Supported by more than 200 alumni from different sectors (banking, consulting, sustainable, financial, public,...).

What we propose

A 100% personalized approach

From the offer to the implementation of your project, we will do everything possible to reach your objectives through a personalized approach.

Ongoing collaboration

Our vision of the project: A constant exchange between the two parties in order to adapt the project according to its evolution and to meet your expectations.

Strategic expertise

Discover what has made our company famous: Our ability to recommend precise actions following your market study

What do our customers say?

More than 200 Alumni!

Our alumni play an important role in the life of HEC Consulting. Indeed, they are responsible for the quality control of each document sent to our clients.

This factor combined with our professionalism and our critical eye allows us to guarantee you an irreproachable quality

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When do you take action?

Meet our market research consultants and let's find a solution together!