Your company runs rather well but do you really know all the parameters related to your business?:

  • Who are my customers? Are they really satisfied?
  • Do people know my company? How do they perceive us?
  • What is the position of my company compared to other companies in the sector?
  • What has been the impact of my last marketing campaign on this six-month period earnings?
  • What is the attitude of my staff towards customers?

Do people know my company? How do they perceive us?

Once more, HEC Consulting Group evaluates the performances of your company and answers all your questions thanks to its experience and flexibility:

a. Evaluation of your customer base

  • Study of customers’ profile
  • Study of customers satisfaction

b. Evaluation of your company

  • Study of popularity
  • Study of how product/service is perceived
  • Sector analysis
  • Study of the impact of communication
  • Study of how price is perceived

c. Evaluation of your personnel

  • Study from ” Mystery Shoppers “

All these studies are undertaken on the basis of:

  • Data acquisition

  • Quantitative investigations:

    • Questionnaires by mail
    • Field surveys (on the street or in stores)
    • Discussions
    • Telephone surveys
  • Qualitative investigations :

    • Focus Groups
    • Brainstormings
    • In-depth interviews
    • Discussion groups
    • Discussion