Our strengths

HEC Consulting Group has all the advantages that make the great succeed and much more.

Didier Bronne, CEO Etilux

1. A professional and permanent structure

HEC Consulting Group is made up of 18 experienced administrators. Each administrator is in charge of various projects, according to their speciality. He is your privileged contact throughout the mission and ensures its proper delivery.

2. Inexhaustible human resources

Within the realm of your qualitative or quantitative studies, the administrators of HEC Consulting Group select the most qualified from among the 1600 students from the University of Liege’s new business school, according to the field of study.

3. Assistance of a qualified teaching staff

HEC Consulting Group profits from the advices of highly qualified HEC-Liege teaching staff. They are experienced professionals from various sectors of the economic world.

4. An unbeatable quality/price ratio!

Being a non-profit organisation, H.C.G can deliver a quality service at a very competitive price. A study has shown that we are, on average, 2 to 5 times less expensive than our competitors.

5. Availability and Flexibility

The presence of the permanent administrators as well as the possibility of mobilizing the skills of HEC-Liege students allow for quick intervention as well as great flexibility.

6. Dynamism and creativity

HEC Consulting Group is based on the energy and the creativity of its students to bring a fresh view and concrete solutions to your problems.

7. Demonstrated multi languages skills

The members of HEC Consulting Group are able to make quality studies in 5 different languages: French, English, German, Dutch and Spanish.

8. Sophisticated ols

In addition to access to the computing and information resources of HEC-Liege, HEC Consulting Group has its own data-processing IT equipment library, several databases as well as statistical analysis software. HEC Consulting Group has access to the most modern tools and techniques in the field of management.

9. A close-knit alumni network

Since its creation in 2001, HEC Consulting Group has been run by more than 50 administrators who, after leaving HEC, have gone on to work for some of the largest international companies and have shared with us their experience through seminars, training programs…

10. The growing reputation of HEC Consulting Group, a comitment to reliability